Nimbus Personal App

Nimbus can be installed on your MS Teams client and used as a personalized App to keep the experience seamless. 

Features of the App include:

Prerequirements: Before using the App

In order to use the personal Nimbus App the following requirements must be met first:

  • You must be part of at least one service team which is enabled for Nimbus use. After the Nimbus Installation procedure - usually done by your tenant administrator - any MS Teams Owner or Nimbus Service Administrator can add you to a Nimbus team, after which it should show in your App.
  • The Nimbus personal App itself must be provisioned by your Tenant Administrator during Nimbus Installation. Otherwise it will not show up for installation within your MS Teams client.
The Nimbus App can only be added after being provisioned by your Tenant Admin. Note that the version will not change unless updated manually, usually also done by your Tenant Admin.

First Sign-In and Usage

  1. After being made available on your Tenant, the Nimbus App can be added to permanently appear in your MS Teams sidebar. 
  2. Once clicked upon you can sign in (Nimbus will use your company Single-Sign-On if available). 
  3. You should now be ready to use the UI and handle incoming.


💡You can use the App, any Nimbus Teams Tab and Nimbus Portal in your browser in parallel. Metrics and UI updates are reflected in all views.
💡The Microsoft Teams Dark Mode theme is also supported by the Nimbus App.
💡We recommend to right-click and "pin" the App right after installation, so you always have it readily available. 

Adding and Pinning the Nimbus App to your MS Teams client

FAQ and Troubleshooting

MS Teams Client Limitation

☝ Limitation: Due to MS Teams generally not allowing to open browser tabs automatically, advanced Nimbus Features such as Conversation Context (e.g. to show Ticketing or CRM systems) may require you to open Nimbus in your browser. In case you depend on context, use the following URLs to log into the Nimbus Portal via your browser.

INC Nimbus Portal URLs

Switzerland 01
Switzerland 02
Germany 01
Germany 02
United Kingdom 01
Nimbus Portal URLs

✅ Make sure to configure your web proxies to allow access to these domains or whitelist the complete * domain.

💡Note: The Browser Portal can run in parallel to the App in MS Teams. All Nimbus views should always update simultaneously to keep you informed of the latest status.

✅ Assistant App: Alternatively you can install and run the Nimbus Assistant app on your local PC's system tray, which allows to open call context browser tabs automatically without the need of either Nimbus App or Browser window to be in focus.


🤔 Can't see the App in your Teams? Ensure it shows up in the “+ App” list. If it doesn't, chances are your Tenant Administrator has not fully completed the Personal App Installation.

🤔 Can't log into the personal App? Ensure your user was added to a Nimbus service by any user with Administrator Role. Try logging in via browser using the Nimbus portal link to see if it's a general issue. If you encounter technical issues or messages, consult with your Tenant Admin or Nimbus Support Partner. On continued technical issues, you can check the Luware Cloud Status and contact Nimbus support via the following channels: 

INC Luware Support Address

 Luware Website
Luware Helpdesk 
Cloud Service Status
Luware support contact details

🤔 Why have a Nimbus App instead of keeping it in individual Teams? Unlike the individual Nimbus tabs for each service team the personal App is focused on your needs. It's combining metrics and information across all Nimbus services you are a part of and provides Nimbus functionalty without the need to switch between multiple Teams tabs.




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