OData Feed

Pulling data into Power BI

OData, short for Open Data Protocol, is an open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryables. Using OData queries is the recommended approach for pulling data into Power BI. 

OData.Feed (serviceUri as text, optional headers as nullable record, optional options as any) as any

Returns a table of OData feeds offered by an OData service from a URI serviceUri.

List of OData tables available by connection string.

  • Callers
  • DistributionAlgorithm
  • DistributionPriorityType
  • DistributionType
  • ModalityTypes
  • NotAvailableReasons
  • OpeningHoursTypes
  • OrganizationUnits
  • PrimaryCodes
  • ResponsibilityProfiles
  • SecondaryCodes
  • ServiceDataPermissions
  • ServiceSessionOutcomeGroups
  • ServiceSessionOutcomes
  • ServiceSessions
  • Services
  • ServicesessionTags
  • Tags
  • TaskDirections
  • TaskType
  • TaskTypeGroups
  • TransferSessionDestinationTypes
  • TransferSessionOutcomes
  • TransferSessionTypes
  • TransferSessions
  • UserDataPermissions
  • UserSessionActionGroups
  • UserSessionOutcomeHandledTexts
  • UserSessionOutcomes
  • UserSessions
  • UserStateTypes
  • UserStates
  • UserTransferActionTypes
  • Users

ūüí°Our Nimbus Power BI Template will be regularly updated to make use the latest OData interface features. However, you can also customize your report and update Update BI Report OData Sources manually.

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