OData Feed

Pulling data into Power BI

OData, short for Open Data Protocol, is an open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryables. Using OData queries is the recommended approach for pulling data into Power BI

OData.Feed (serviceUri as text, optional headers as nullable record, optional options as any) as any

Returns a table of OData feeds offered by an OData service from a URI serviceUri.

List of OData tables available by connection string.

Odata Table Where to find details Related KB pages
Callers Slowly Changing Dimensions > Callers -
DistributionAlgorithm Static Dimensions > Distribution Algorithm Task Queue and Distribution 
DistributionPriorityType  Slowly Changing Dimensions > Distribution Priority Task Priority
DistributionType  Static Dimensions >  Distribution Type Distribution Types 
ModalityTypes  Static Dimensions > Modality Supported Modalities
NotAvailableReasons Slowly Changing Dimensions > NotAvailableReasons Not Available Reasons 
OpeningHoursTypes Slowly Changing Dimensions > Opening Hours Opening Hours 
OrganizationUnits  Slowly Changing Dimensions > Organization Units Organization Units 
PrimaryCodes  Slowly Changing Dimensions > Codes Codes
ResponsibilityProfiles Facts > User States  Responsibility Profiles 
SecondaryCodes  Slowly Changing Dimensions > Codes Codes
ServiceDataPermissions - Reporting Roles
ServiceSessionOutcomeGroups  Static Dimensions > Service Session Outcomes Historical Sessions 
ServiceSessionOutcomes Static Dimensions > Service Session Outcomes Historical Sessions 
ServiceSessions Facts > Service Sessions -
Services Slowly Changing Dimensions > Services Service Administration 
ServiceSessionTags Facts > Service Session Tags -
ServiceSessionTagStrings Facts > Service Session Tag Strings -
Tags Slowly Changing Dimensions > Tags Tags 
TaskDirections Slowly Changing Dimensions > Tasks Task Queue and Distribution / Outbound Call 

Slowly Changing Dimensions > Tasks

Static Dimensions > Task Type

Task Queue and Distribution 
TaskTypeGroups  Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
TransferSessionDestinationTypes  Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
TransferSessionOutcomes  Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
TransferSessionTypes  Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
TransferSessions Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
UnifiedSessions  Facts > Unified Sessions -
UserDataPermissions - Reporting Roles
UserSessionActionGroups Static Dimensions > User Session Outcomes -
UserSessionOutcomeHandledTexts Static Dimensions > User Session Outcomes -
UserSessionOutcomes Static Dimensions > User Session Outcomes -
UserSessions Facts > User Sessions -
UserStateTypes Static Dimensions > User State Type -
UserStates Facts > User States -
UserTransferActionTypes Static Dimensions > Transfer Sessions -
Users Slowly Changing Dimensions > Users User Administration 

💡Our Nimbus Power BI Template will be regularly updated to make use the latest OData interface features. However, you can also customize your report and update Update BI Report OData Sources manually.

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