Avoiding Workflow Issues

Workflow best practice and troubleshooting

The workflow editor is a very powerful tool, but also allows for misconfigurations and lost calls. Listed below are the most common issues our users report, and how to avoid them:


✅ Workflows: Best Practice

  • Make sure to use Workflow Templates as pointers on how your workflows should be structured. Gradually expand and test your configurations to avoid mistakes.
  • We provide Power Automate Use Cases examples that also include examples using the workflow editor. Read them to get the most out of Nimbus and your external systems.
  • Keep in mind that any workflow changes take effect immediately – either in Modality Service Settings or the workflow itself. We therefore recommend to test larger changes on copies or a (hidden) service, using test calls.
Issue Caused by How to Avoid
🤔 Calls are not getting accepted at all "Start" node wasn't connected to any other Workflow Activity node.
  • Always ensure that the "Accept Conversation" activity is used as soon as possible.
🤔 Calls are accepted but not handled (to completion) Announcements or similar activities have exit nodes which are not handled, resulting in stuck calls.
  • Always make sure to handle exit cases of activities.
  • Always end calls with an escape - e.g. "Disconnect Conversation" (even after "transfer" scenario).
🤔 Calls are stuck in an infinite loop Steps redirecting on themselves with no exit condition.
  • Always end calls with an escape - e.g. "Disconnect Conversation" (even after "transfer" scenario).
🤔 Calls were not re-entered in the same Queue

Calls reaching the end of a Queue e.g. "Timeout" getting re-inserted into the same queue. 

This causes inconsistent reporting states for the call and sometimes Infinite loops.

  • Always end calls with an escape - e.g. "Disconnect Conversation" (even after "transfer" scenario).
  • "Queue" each caller only once per service.
  • Use Multiple "Queue" activities within a workflow by clearly separating them, e.g. by "Input Customer (IVR)" so each path can only be taken once.
  • Use the "Check Task" and "Cancel Task" activities to play announcements or react otherwise to calls already in a (long) queue.
🤔Parameter checks fail or the default exit is always taken Either the parameter is not written correctly (or not in time) or the validation with regular expression fails to find a pattern. In either case the workflow activity takes the default exits.
🤔I want to select a certain Configuration data item but don't see it in my workflow

Visibility data entities in your workflows follows the Organization Unit (OU) → "Reading along the path" rule. 


When workflow-dependent items are moved to a different OU, your workflow will continue to operate. However, once deselected away from, a moved entity cannot be selected again.

  • Place commonly shared configuration items (Opening Hours, Parameters, Playlists and Resources (Audio files) in higher level Organization Units (OU) to avoid redundancies.
  • For each item, check the “Used in” column within the Configuration before making changes to the OU placement.
  • Note that the workflow itself is also in an OU, which determines the other data entities “visible”.


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