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14 Jul 2024 - 1.96 Release Notes

🔖 This is a major feature update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus.

Cluster Update on
United Kingdom 01 14.07.2024
Switzerland 02 / Germany 02 15.07.2024
Switzerland 01 16.07.2024
Germany 01 17.07.2024

Outbound Supervision

Supervisors can now join scheduled Outbound Calls or Calls On Behalf. The functionality works in a similar fashion as Inbound Call Supervision. The supervisor can join the call in three different modes:

Mode Behavior Termination rules
Listening The supervisor can hear all other parties in the call but can't be heard himself by any other party.

If either Nimbus user or customer leaves the call, the supervisor will be removed and the call ends.

Whispering  The supervisor can hear all other parties in the call and can speak to the nimbus user(s) but not by the customer (destination/callee in an outbound scenario).

The session continues as long as the Nimbus user is still in the call. If the Nimbus user leaves the call, the supervisor will be removed and the call ends.

Barge In The supervisor can hear and can be heard by everyone in the call. The session continues as long as the Nimbus user or the customer is still in the call. The supervisor will only be removed when both the Nimbus user and customer left the call.

💡The supervisor can leave the call anytime without affecting the session's termination.

When the Supervisor joins the call, notification beeps are played for the Nimbus user:

  • 1 beep: The supervisor joined in mode “listening
  • 2 beeps: The supervisor joined in mode “whispering
  • 3 beeps: The supervisor joined in mode “barge in

💡 Note that only one supervisor can join a session at a time.

When escalating the modes, the following rules apply:

  • Listening can be escalated either to Whispering or Barge In.
  • Whispering can be escalated to Barge In.

On escalation, notification beeps (for whispering and/or barge in) are played both for the Nimbus user and the supervisor.

Known limitation

If the Nimbus user (or customer) adds participants from Teams side, the supervisor will not hear those participants.


Call on Behalf on Portal

Call On Behalf tasks are now displayed on Portal in the following areas:

  • Dashboards:
    • On the "Connected" widget - Number is increased when a call on behalf is connected to the user
    • On the "Tasks" widget when "ringing" (being connected to the user), "dialing out",  "connect" (destination accepted), etc.
  • Flexible Dashboards:
    • On all widgets displaying "live" service tasks like "Live Service Task Tabular" and "Service Task Supervision"
    • "Ringing" and "Dialing out" were added to the states filter on "Live Service Task Tabular"

💡 Call on Behalf tasks are not queued and have no influence on historical KPI's on Portal and are therefore not shown in My Overview, My Services, Reporting and Historical Service Widgets.

Different Icon for Outbound Call and Call on Behalf

The Nimbus UI visually distinguishes between Outbound Call and Call On Behalf now:

Call Type Icon

Outbound Call (scheduled via Power Automate)

🔍 See Use Case - Creating Nimbus Outbound Calls from a List of Scheduled Tasks

Call on Behalf








Related improvements:

  • A tooltip shows the call type when hovering over the icon.
  • The call type (instead of the direction) is now displayed in My Sessions.
  • The column “Source” was renamed to “Customer” in My Sessions.

OU Administrator role access to Service Settings in Portal

Organizational Unit Administrators can now manage Service Settings in Nimbus Portal. The My Services page is also accessible, however, if the OU Administrator is not part of any service, only an information message is shown.

Refer to Portal Roles for detailed information about access rights.

💡Note that OU Administrators do not have access to any reporting data.

Nimbus Power BI Template enabled for Incremental Refresh

The latest version of the Nimbus Power BI Template enables users to set up the report so that it can be refreshed incrementally. By enabling incremental refresh, it is possible to define how much data the user wants to store in the report and incrementally load new data at each subsequent refresh.

Refer to the Nimbus BI Template Release Notes for more information on the incremental refresh and other updates included in the Nimbus Power BI template for this release.

Other Changes and Improvements

New Certified Nimbus Power Automate Connector (V1) Available

The Luware Nimbus Power Automate Connector has been certified by Microsoft and is available in all Microsoft Datacenters. This means that the connector has passed rigorous testing and validation by Microsoft and meets the highest standards of quality, security, and performance.

  • For existing Nimbus users: We recommend switching to the new certified connector. Note that this requires a manual Connector migration as the Flows and Triggers are differently structured/named. If you have already used any version of the connector before it has been certified, you need to carefully plan the migration to the new certified connector.
    🔎 Refer to Connector Migration for more information.
  • For new Nimbus users: If you are new to Nimbus and haven't yet started with productive flow integrations, you can use the new certified connector directly from Power Automate without any further registration.

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