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This page will always reflect the latest Release Notes, Improvements and Changes made to Nimbus. Refer to the Release Note History  for previous updates from earlier this year. Also visit the following sources to stay up-to-date on Nimbus in both features and (upcoming) maintenance.

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INC App Manifest Update notice

Update Notice - Nimbus App Manifest

In March 2024 the new Microsoft Teams client will be unavoidable and rolled out by Microsoft for all users. Older versions of the Nimbus App Manifest will not support SSO (Single-Sign-On) and will cause problems on the new Teams client.

✅ Tenant Admin Action required: If your Nimbus App in use is lower than version 1.0.23166 you must update the Nimbus Personal App on your tenant immediately. After the Teams client rollout your App will be rendered inoperable.

You can retrieve the newest app manifest here: 

Nimbus App Manifest URLs



29 Feb 2024 - 1.90-1 Release Notes

🔥This is a minor hotfix update with changes to existing functionality.

  • Fixed an issue in the Provisioning Microsoft PowerShell script that prevented newly provisioned services to become available for calls. 
    💡As usual the script should automatically update upon next execution. You can always retrieve the latest version via Administration Overview.

27 Feb 2024 - 1.90 Release Notes

🔖 This is a major feature update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus. This update will be rolled out sequentially on our clusters: 

Cluster Planned Update on
UK / DE02 26.02.2024
EU / CH02 27.02.2024
CH01 28.02.2024
DE01 29.02.2024

Ongoing backend improvements

In recent months - especially in our German cluster -  the call volume has increased massively. As Nimbus is growing we want to ensure to offer you the usual high quality in future. To achieve this, we currently focus more development resources on making extensive adjustments to our infrastructure.  In recent and coming weeks we implement backend design changes to better handle the current load, react to future spikes and thus ensure availability at the usual level.

What does this entail for our customers?

  • To unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams with Luware Nimbus, we continue to work on exciting new features. However, we have decided to hold back some major features for a few more weeks in order to be able to focus on transitioning the infrastructure.
  • In order to alleviate the load on the system that would arise with new customers, we will add additional capacity for the regions of Germany and Switzerland by means of new clusters.
  • As soon as the transition within the infrastructure is complete, we will also make the new features available in our production environment.

Assistant Changes

  • Introduced as a new “Appearance” tab in the Settings.
  • Assistant  > Settings > “Appearance” - New “Bring to the foreground” option
    • Default disabled. When enabled, brings Assistant to the foreground upon incoming events (Session, RONA, etc.)
    • Configurable via MSI Switch in the Assistant Installation.
  • Restructured options to “Notifications” and “Appearance” tabs in the Settings.
  • Open Logfolder - Icon replaced, text moved into tooltip. 
    • Moved from the Info page into the menus.
    • Fixed a German translation issue on the Logfiles-Folder description.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Tenant Settings > Extensions Tab > Presence Tracking: Added a “copy fields to clipboard" so guest users can be easily retrieved for invitation into the Azure Tenant. 
  • Resources > Upload validation  - Introduced an upload limit validation. Prior to upload, individual audio files are checked to have maximum of 10 min lenght or 20 MB size. 💡If you need to chain multiple files, please resort to using multiple “Announcement” activities or use Playlists.
  • Address Books: Now following Organization Units “Read along the path” rule.
    • Previous behavior: Users were formerly just able to find Address Books on root level. 
    • New behavior: Address Books correctly follow the User's Organization Unit level. For example, a user should: 
      • a) have access to OUs on their level and Tenant OU address books (up the tree to the root)
      • b) not have access to Address Books on same-level OU (even if the user could be part of that service). 

🤔Why was this changed? This was  a known issue was now finally fixed to be in-line with the standardized Nimbus OU ruleset. The placement of an Address Book should always determine which users can “read” in it, according to their own OU in relation. The “common ground” approach on Tenant level is still possible as before, but the Sub-OU approach was never applied, effectively “hiding" Address Book entries when they shouldn't be.

  • Workflows > Input Customer Activity: Reduced "Max Input Timeout" to a maximum of 30 min. Existing Workflow items will not be affected.
  • Historical Sessions  - UI Fix: Fixed filter dropdown entries in dark theme showing the wrong font color.
  • Attendant Console - Contact Groups: Fixed cut-off icon shown next to user icons when editing contact groups.
  • Opening Hours - UI Fix and UTC time zone change:
    • Corrected Special pulldown colors for Opening Hours Default Type pulldown to match the periods
    • Editing single exceptions from a series of events will now correctly convert the period to UTC-based timezones based on on the original event, ignoring the users current device timezone. ☝ Existing Opening Hours periods will NOT be migrated to avoid impacts on existing produtive hours. When you create new recurrent series exceptions, the new behavior will apply.
Opening Hours: Fix to colors and Series Exception handling

Examples - Adding exceptions in an existing calendar series:

Opening Hours Calendars before the fix Opening Hours Calendars after the fix

Calendars created in the timezone same as Client's timezone and

exception dates added in the same timezone.

✅ displayed correctly

Calendars created in the timezone same as Client's timezone and

exception dates added in the same timezone 

✅ displayed correctly

Calendars created in the timezone same as Client's timezone but exception dates added from different timezone.

❌ can be displayed incorrectly

Calendars created in the timezone same as Client's timezone but exception dates added from different timezone.

✅ displayed correctly

Calendars created in the timezone different from Client's timezone 

❌ can be displayed incorrectly

Calendars created in the timezone different from Client's timezone 

✅ displayed correctly

Around the Corner: 

☝These feature are postponed as we prioritize infrastructure improvements. We do however still want to keep you informed about upcoming features. Knowledge Base pages will be provided in the coming weeks to explain and onboard into these new modality concepts. We will update our Release Notes as we roll out these changes.

🔜Email modality

We are close to rolling out the new Email modality, bolstering the ranks of available modalities: External Task, Chat and existing Audio/Video. With this major update we will prepare first changes in both backend and the My Sessions UI. Stay tuned as we fine-tune last details and gather Testing feedback prior to official deployment. 

🔜Chat modality

Chat has been rolled out for a while yet for internal testing, but still depends on Microsoft functionality that hasn't been officially disclosed for public use (public preview). The dependency on Interact remains as a technical native MS Teams Client support is still missing, but we're using the time to make the technical prerequirements and related setup steps easier to roll out on customer tenants.

Pending: Elimination of audio delay for outbound calls

From our Release Note History:

Improved delay handling during outbound calls, causing customer and agent to hear each other only after a while. Customer and Agent should now hear each other immediately.

📅 Update 26.2.2024: Our deployment of this feature is still pending, as Microsoft has not yet rolled out the dependent functionality globally for all MS Teams tenants. We are still awaiting clarification and will update the release notes as soon as the feature can enabled.

📣 Please note that the elimination of the delay for outbound calls will be activated in 3 stages:

  • UK on Monday, January 22nd
  • CH on Wednesday, January 24th
  • DE/EU on Friday, January 26th

Relevant Knowledge Base Changes

After our recent KB migration in January we continue to rework existing content to keep the information as visible and transparent as possible. This includes both cleanup as well as making corrections according to your feedback.

Here are a few noteworthy points and changes for you to expect:

  • Use Cases Rework - As our Use Cases section has grown significantly over the last years, we aim to rework it in both structure and content.
    • To keep the visual load on our visitors smaller, we will hide Use Cases in most main menu entries, instead listing them in one or several categories such as Power Automate and Nimbus Admin
    • You can still find all hidden pages in our Page Index located at the footer of our KB.
    • New Sub-Categories will be added to make browsing the entries easier, e.g. by certain integrations or backgrounds such as Marketing, Automation, Nimbus administration etc.
  • Luware Recording - our Product Knowledge Base for Luware Recording has also been undergoing rework from scratch and will be published very soon. Once ready you will find it via the entry URL as a separate category.
  • KB Resource Library - As all our products rely on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, Whitepaper Documents and other technical information will get more and more into focus. To reflect this, we introduced a new Resource Library section prominently in the Knowledge Base root. As a start we list our whitepapers therein, but will continue to expand as more technical or user-data relevant information become available.


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