License Downgrade

License downgrades can be performed from within the Licensing overview. However, when Nimbus Features are already in use, a warning will be shown:

ūüĒć Checking for downgrades in the "Licensing" view

To downgrade from a higher tier license, any related Nimbus Features and their data entities must be removed or unassigned from the user or service. This is done via Service Administration and User Administration respectively. Refer to the License downgrade checklist below for details.

Tooltips will inform about the settings that prevent a license downgrade.

What do I need to check?

License Downgrade Checklist

Downgrade from Features that need to be checked / deactivated in order to downgrade

Downgrading from: Things to check

Enterprise Routing

✅ Check Workflow Templates used in your Service Settings that come with Enterprise Routing features.

  • ¬†
    • You can either downgrade to simpler template to save yourself the search work, or manually re-configure your existing workflows, e.g. by searching:
    • Workflow Activities¬†which are marked with a licensing constraint¬†(e.g. "Check Parameter", "Check Task").
    • "Pickup¬†" type Call Distribution settings from any "Queue¬†" workflow activity.

✅ Check and disable additional Context, Codes and Tags enabled in the My Sessions view.

✅ Check and remove any additional custom and system Parameters from your Service Settings > "Extensions" tab.

✅ Check and disable Outbound Service Call features as part of the Service Settings > Distribution tab . Doing so will remove the corresponding options in the My Overview or My Services view.

Contact Center

On Services:

✅ Check everything from → Enterprise Routing disable related Features.

✅ Additionally you need to... 

On users:

Individual Contact Center licenses can also apply to users. There are two methods to remove a license from a user:


Either remove licenses via the User Administration, or ... 

... head to the "Licensing" overview, search for the user and click "-" to remove the license.
ūüí° You can also¬†review and undo multiple license changes before confirming with "save".

‚ėĚ Warning:¬†Removing a Contact Center license from a user will remove ALL associated settings and service assignments.¬†This action is irreversible, meaning that you must re-define this user if you ever reconsider adding the license again.

ūüí° As an example:¬†a user can have individual¬†Skills and Responsibilities¬†and¬†be assigned to multiple services via¬†Agent Service Settings. Both associations are getting removed alongside with the license . If you want to re-assign or reinstate your Contact Center license at a later point you might want to check on¬†Responsibility Profiles¬†to ensure that the licensed user is correctly queued, according to your (remaining or new) service's¬†Distribution Policies¬†.

ūü§Ē Why isn't the license downgrade automated?¬†As features such as skills and workflows may be used across multiple services, simply removing them is not an option. A manual check ensures that features are consciously removed and don't render your remaining services unreachable, e.g. due to suddenly disabled workflow activities or missing parameters required for call routing.

ūü§Ē I have finished my checks. What comes next?¬†Once the steps are done, get in contact with your service partner or Luware support to downgrade your license.


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