Historical Sessions

The "Historical Sessions" page lists concluded sessions and the related data – e.g. the amount of involved user sessions, the task direction, task type and session results. 

Preconditions: SUPERVISOR / TEAM / SERVICE OWNER This page is visible to service supervisors and team owners only. Data shown is limited to service viewing Permissions of the currently signed-in user and dates back a maximum of 30 days. 

🔍 To get access to further data, review and assign User Administration → Roles tab. Refer to User Roles for further details on each role.

"Historical Sessions" view

☝ Required Data Operation: When opening the "Historical Sessions" view for the first time, data might not be shown yet due to recalculations occurring in the background. We recommend to wait at least 24h to get a comprehensive and correct dataset.


The page shows the following data in various widgets.

Widget Description
Session Result

The total # of sessions and their task result, shown as a donut chart:

  • Lists the total of sessions from the last 30 days.
  • Results are grouped by state as per Nimbus Reporting Model > "Service Session Outcomes" (excerpt only)
    • Handled by User
    • Hangup Before Accept
    • Hangup in IVR
    • Hangup in Queue
    • Hangup in IVR after Queue
    • Other (including errors or cancelled tasks)

💡 Mouse over for tooltips with absolute numbers. Click on the legend to filter out entries.


The total of sessions per day as a bar chart:

💡 Mouse over for tooltips with date and absolute numbers.

🔍 Lookback is restricted to a maximum of 30 days. For a comprehensive historical data set, use the Power BI Odata connection and our Power BI Template.

Session Type

The relative amount of sessions, distinguished by type of task, shown as donut chart:

💡 Mouse over for tooltips with absolute numbers. Click on the legend to filter out entries.

Session Direction

The relative amount of sessions, distinguished by session direction, shown as donut chart:

Historical Sessions

An filterable, sortable and expandable list of service sessions. Shows the following columns: 

  • Conversation Type (Icon signaling inbound, outbound tasks)
  • Source (Caller, PSTN) KNOWN ISSUE - Internal users are currently not resolved with their name, but shown with their O365 User ID. 
  • Opening Hours active at the point of call.
  • Queued - signaling if the task made it into the queue
  • # User Sessions - how many users were involved in this task, e.g. Transfers or RONA
  • First Accepted - user who took the call on first instance
  • Voicemail - showing if the call went to voicemail → Channel configured via Adaptive Cards and Modality Service Settings.
  • Primary & Secondary Codes used → Filled out by users via My Sessions, can be empty.
  • Result (of session task) → See "Session Result" widget description above. 
  • Duration of the task handling session

💡 Entries can be expanded to show the rows of user sessions related to this service session. Shows the following columns:

    • Date & Time - on which the user received the task
    • User - that received the task
    • Ringing Time - on the receiving user
    • Connected Time - between customer and receiving user
    • Result - as per Nimbus Reporting Model > "User Session Outcomes"

Session Filtering

A large amount of Historical Sessions can be filtered by various criteria.

Filters applied to Historical Sessions

💡Note that filters only affect the listing in the “Historical Sessions” widget. The top row of widgets will always show a static 30 days lookback.

The following filters can be applied: 

Filter Description
Direction Inbound, Outbound, None → See "Session Direction" widget above.
Initial Modality The modality used to contact the serve (e.g. via CallChatExternal) → See "Session Type" widget above.
Date & Time Narrows down sessions by date (mm/dd/yyyy) and time (hh:mm) within the range specified. → Filters the "Date & Time" column.
Duration From-to-Range (hh:mm:ss) → Filters the Session "Duration" column
Opening Hours Filter sessions by Opening Hours active at the point of the task. 
Queued Show only tasks that were queued (true) or not (false)
Result Filter session results as per Nimbus Reporting Model > "Service Session Outcomes"

Caller, PSTN number. 💡 Search starts at entering 3 characters / numbers or more.

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