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09 Dec 2022  - Hotfix for Attendant, Assistant, UI

This is a hotfix release, addressing some recently found issues and improving some features: 

24 Nov 2022 - Hotfix for Dashboards / Music Playback

This is a hotfix release, addressing some recently found issues: 

  • Music Cancellation on Session Start: Added improvements to to prevent wait music being played altough the call has been accepted by an Agent already. (lightbulb) This change improves the "Wait Music" experience overall. We're continuing to monitor the situation and make further optimiziations as needed.
  • Non-Personal Dashboards access for Partner/Tenant Admins: Fixed an issue that prevented Partner and Tenant Administrators from seeing "Non-Personal Dashboards" in the Configuration unless they were also added as (Service) user to the Tenant.

17 Nov 2022 - Hotfix for Dashboards / Calls / Adaptive Cards

This is a hotfix release: 

  • Adaptive Cards - fixed an issue that prevented the status in Adaptive Cards from updating when clicking the " Mark as Listened / Solved " buttons.
  • Provisioning Script - fixed an error causing the script to stop at the "Login to Nimbus" message, which occurred on some customer tenants.
  • Fixed A-B call distribution edge case where a Service Agent B gets a call wrongfully distributed, as it was handled on Service A right at the end of maximum queue time.
  • Improved handling in a "Direct Conference" call scenario, where an Agent already in call was wrongfully selected for a second call (ending in RONA).
  • Various fixes for Non-Personal Dashboards:
    • Thresholds Audio Files (in Widgets): Fixed an issue where a message "audio resource loading failed" was shown when trying to select the audio file.
    • Date & Time Widget: Added missing timezones for certain European regions.
    • Markdown Widget: Fixed example image <img src> HTML markdown not loading correctly.
    • Entry visibility: Fixed Resources in Dashboards becoming "invisible" when either the Resource or Dashboard itself was moved to another Organization Unit.

03 Nov 2022 - Hotfix for Dashboards / WF Activities update

This is a hotfix release, addressing some issues found on Non-Personal Dashboards:

  • Various fixes for Non-Personal Dashboards:
    • Visibility:Fixed issue where Users with "Service Agent" or "Service Supervisor" permissions (granted via Agent Service Settings) were not able to see published Non-Personal Dashboards.
    • Access: Fixed an "Error 403" that prevented OU Admins from saving Non-Personal Dashboards.
  • BI Template (when Published to Power BI service ) - fixed an issue that prevented scheduled refreshes due to dynamic data sources being introduced.
  • Further Nimbus backend improvements to prevent stuck calls that cannot be answered in time.
  • Updates to Workflow Activities:
    • Fixed the Check Activities : "Check Queue Position" and "Check Available Users" to be correctly flagged as Enterprise Routing and Contact Center licensed Features.
    • Added new Regular Expressions help page with helpful examples to various places in the KB where applicable.

27 Oct 2022 - Non-Personal Dashboards / User State tracking

  • Reporting:
    • Added Support for User States and related Team Enability tracking (On/Off toggle in the respective services) to the DataWareHouse. Can be enabled for your entire tenant within the new Tenant Administration > " Data Privacy " section. (Opt-In)
    • Added a new "User State Tab " to Power BI Template 

Other improvements

  • Improved Exchange licence check behavior. New variants are detected to enable calendar display for more users in Attendant Console.
  • Reverted sorting of Workflow Activities in the Frontend UI > Workflow Editor .
  • Added new localized translation keys for "Service Call Templates" specifically for Asssitant to distinguish from Conversation Context items previously available in the Service settings.

25 Oct 2022 - Audio routes / UI hotfix

This is a minor hotfix to improve some features released with the previous update: 

  • Fixed an audio routes issue that prevented some agents from hearing the caller.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from sorting columns in the My Services and Dashboard view.

20 Oct 2022 - Supervision / WF Editor improvements

With this major feature update we introduce Call Supervision to Nimbus. The workflow experience has also gotten some attention in this update, with new workflow activities and some substantial usability improvements to our workflow editor. Following the recent update to our Duty Profiles / Responsibility concept, our BI Reporting interface does now support detailed tracking of user duty states

  • New "Service Supervision" Widget added to the Personal Dashboards
  • UI Improvements to the Workflow Editor:
    • Hideable minimap feature allows you to click in for fast navigation in very large workflows.
    • New "Fit to Screen" feature.
    • Now zooms where you point at with your mouse instead of just the plain center.
    • The editor layout now supports activities with varying width. We started the "Check Opening Hours" because it has a lot of of exits that are now easier to read. 
  • New / Updated Workflow Activities:
    • Check Queue Position - allows you to check the Queue position on the "Current" or a specific other service. 
    • Check Available Users - allows you to check on available users the "Current" or a specific other service and route your outcome accordingly.
    • Transfer - Workflow Activity now supports Custom Parameters as a selectable target.

Assistant - Support for Profile Changes and After Call Work (ACW):

  • After-Call-Work (including extension) is now available - if enabled and allowed in the Service Service Settings.
  • Switching between configured Responsibility Profiles – which in turn impacts the Duty State (On/Off Duty) and call distribution to that user.
  • Support for Call Templates - Split into Service and Direct Call templates.
  • Direct / Service Call Template actions now support HTTP request method (POST-multipart/form-data).

Attendant - Search Improvements:

  • Attendant Console search now supports "CONTAINS" operators for Address Books and (user-personal) Exchange Contacts. (lightbulb) Example: Searching for " cha " will not only find " Cha dwick" but also "Mi cha el" 
  • Extended the search to include the following fields for the Nimbus Address Books entry
    • Company
    • Department
    • JobTitel
    • Phone Number
  • Added list of fields covered by the search to the Attendant Console KB page and Required User Permissions pages.
  • Other Changes and Improvements:
    • Fixed copy workflow behavior: TTS wasn't saved when changing the Organization Unit.
    • Various bugfixes and improvements to Transferring
    • Attendant Console - Supports of Single Calls via Voice Routes.

07 Oct 2022 - Attendant and Workflows hotfix

This is a minor hotfix update, improving the behavior on existing features:

  • Attendant - Improved behavior to handle calls during safe and blind transfer not returning and blocking the user from getting further tasks.
  • Workflows - Fixed an Issue that prevented upload from local PCs directly into the workflow (Error 500)
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where TTS (Text to Speech) language wasn't saved when a workflow was copied and moved into a different Organization Unit.
  • Infrastructure - Fixed an issue that prevented script downloads from the UK cluster.

23 Sep 2022 - PowerShell security token hotfix

We deployed a minor improvement hotfix. 

  • Improved security token handling on our PowerShell Provisioning script. (lightbulb) No changes on the user experience.
  • Fixed issue that affected longer voice message recordings appearing sped-up towards the end.

30 Aug 2022 - Responsibility and Distribution Levels

  • Call Distribution meets Responsibility
    • Introducing Skills and Responsibilities Adding "Responsibility Levels" as new concept attached to our existing skill levels. Each skill (e.g. Language Proficiency) can now be tied to a responsibility, allowing to further fine-tune your distribution among users of equal skill.
    • Added custom Responsibility Profiles to the configuration, as an addition to the existing "Duty" and "Off Duty" base profiles. Users can now be assigned any number of Profiles via User Administration.
    • Updated Assistant UI to allow (Agent) users to choose between Duty States (Responsibility Profiles) in addition to the base system profiles.
    • Skills and Responsibility are now configurable via the Service Service Settings > Agents tab (accessible to Service Owners).
    • Distribution Policies in services now support responsibility. They can be configured to distribute incoming calls in staged levels, based on both skill and responsibility level. (info) Learn more about this on our new Distribution Order algorithm page.
  • Improved Portal UI
    • Service Task / Distribution Levels : In accordance to the new routing changes, skill-based services will now show the distribution level of waiting tasks on the Nimbus Portal > My Services / Dashboard.
      • Instead of showing an "Users available" the widgets of Contact Center will now show the users available in the first / second / third distribution profile levelof that service.
      • In extension this means that if no users available on first level a 0 is shown in the widget. Calls may still be distributed, but only at 2nd, 3rd or later level.
    • Available Users / Profile Levels: Agents that are configured (and selectable) for a skill-based routing will now be shown on the Nimbus Portal > Dashboard.
      • Levels of (possible) call distribution in accordance to the currently selected Duty State are shown as a new separate column.
      • A user shown the "Available users " list has at least least one distribution profile active (matching) to the distribution policy assigned to the service.           
        (lightbulb) Inactive or Off Duty profile users will not be shown in the list anymore. 
  • Personal Dashboard
    • Live Inbound Service Tasks Tabular" and "Service Queue Tabular" widget:
      • New column showing incoming Distribution Level, similar to the changes to the "Queue" widgets in the Portal > My Services / Dashboard UI.
      • Added "Level" filter to show only calls according to the current level of call escalation defined in the service's Distribution Policies.
  • Other Changes and Improvements
    • Naming change : To better reflects levels of escalation during calls we renamed existing "Distribution Profiles" in the policy configuration to "Distribution Levels" to reduce confusion with the new term "Responsibility Profile". Accordingly, a new "Distribution Level" will be shown in the Nimbus portal. More info on this below

28 Jul 2022 - QoL Updates and Fixes

This is a minor release to add improvements for features introduced with the last update:

  • Attendant Console
    • Fixed an issue where Attendant was not showing incoming calls in the UI.
    • Added several adjustments in the backend of Attendant to improve application responsiveness during consultation calls.
  • Interact: Fixed an issue where Interact User Settings tab was not shown in administration when no prior Interact Domain Templates (CORS) were defined.
  • Several smaller changes to the "Input Customer" workflow activity. Your existing "Input customer" activities remain intact until a new one is dragged into the workflow editor.
    • Correctly relabeled "Queue Timeout" to "Max Input Time".
    • Reduced allowed minimum timeout to 3s (from 5s).
    • Fixed missing translation keys for those fields.
  • Updated the PowerShell Script to use the latest "MSTeams" related modules in favor of deprecated versions 4.0.0. 

14 Jul 2022 - Organization Units in Administration, Best Qualified Algorithm

This is a very large "under-the-hood" update to the Organization Units concept of Nimbus. By expanding this important role and data entity concept, Nimbus will gradually allow users to configure way more complex Contact Center setups.

  • Organization Unit Changes
    • Added new "Organization Units" entry to the Administration > Configuration menu.
    • Allows Tenant Administrators to create new OU and Child-OU structures. Limitations apply, please refer to the limitations section below.
    • OU structures can now be nested in parent-child relations. Users and Services within an OU are counted in the listing.
    • Administrators can re-assign existing data entities (Users, Services, Resources) to a different OU.
    • All existing Configured data entities (e.g. workflows, playlists, resources, services and users ) will now also have an nested Organization Unit dropdown featuring multiple levels.
  • Reporting Changes: Exposed Organization Units within the Odata interface
    • Added new Table OrganizationUnit
    • Added OrganizationUnitId field for Services. Contains ID of the Service Organization Unit Parent
    • Add for OrganizationUnitId field for Users.
    • Updated Power BI Report to support slicers and filters for OU
  • New Role Management Tab & New Role: OU Admin 
    • Added a New "Roles" Tab in the User Administration.
    • Added a new New "Organization Unit Admin" role.
  • Duty and Skills now configurable for Service Owners
    • Tab now shows separate list of "Service Owner" and "Service Agents"
    • Allows service owners to change duty / off duty settings for each user in the service agent list
    • Allows service owners to change skills levels for all assigned Service Agents
    • Now shows "Duty State" (green / grey status icon). Changes from / by Agents are visible immediately.
  • New Distribution Policy Order: Best Qualified
    • User skills and their levels are compared against each other.
    • If more than one skill is available, they are treated with same priority
    • On equal match, "Longest Idle" will be used as fallback policy order.
  • ACW - After call work improvements

Service Service Settings now allow to configure the ACW (After Call Work) time and allow users to extend or stop ACW.

Once enabled, ACW "Extend" and "Stop" buttons become available in both the Frontend "Portal Assistant" and "My Sessions" view to all users of the service.

  • Additional "Special" Opening Hours categories
    • The Opening Hours calendars now support 4 special opening hours (up from 1). Can also be used in "Check Opening Hours" workflow activities.
    • Existing "Check Opening Hours" workflow activities do not need to be converted.
    • When put in parallel within your Opening Hours calendar the precedence order is: Special 4 > Special 3 > Special 2 > Special 1 > Holiday > Closed > Open > Default
  • Assistant standalone app with direct action.
    • Added Assistant Pages to the knowledge base
    • Assistant items added to the Administration UI.
  • Other changes and improvements 
    • The "Hide User Statistics from Reporting" in Service Settings > "General" Tab is now locked for Service Owners, but can be changed by Administrators.
    • Fixed an issue on "Presence Tracking via Guest Account" that prevented the tracking from working correctly.

11 Jun 2022 - Presence Tracking, Agent/User/Service Tabular, QoL

This update brings smaller features to Attendant Console and Contact Center services, alongside some quality of life improvements. We also gave the dynamic Personal Dashboards some new useful widgets.

  • Presence Tracking over Tenant Guest Accounts. Nimbus can now detect when your Agents are in a direct (non Nimbus) call for smarter routing decisions
    • Added a "Presence Tracking" feature to the Tenant Administration - Allows you to add two Luware presence "guest" accounts which enable Nimbus to poll a detailed presence status on all users within your tenant.
    • For extended status presence such as "Busy → In a Call" or "Busy → In a Meeting" these presence accounts are required to improve call routing. Nimbus can now distinguish the "Busy" extended status and plan/avoid call distribution accordingly.
  • New widgets for dynamic Personal Dashboards
    • New Widget "Agent States Tabular" in the Contact Centre Dashboards to display your Agents availability easily
    • New Widget "User State Tabular " - Shows the current user states in a tabular view. Introduces new Filters and time-based thresholds for Contact Center features such as "Duty State" and "Duty Profile" to signal changes via audio and color.
    • New Widget "Service Queue Tabular" - Allows dashboard users to see the currently queued tasks on multiple of their services for which they are responsible. Works as equivalent to the "My Queue" widget on the My Overview page.
  • Other Changes and Improvements
    • Attendant / Opening Hours Calendar UI revision. Added many smaller usability improvements to the Calendar components used in Attendant Console and Opening Hours.
    • Changes to the Service Opening Hours configuration experience:
      • New visual styles and colors for most day / week and month views.
      • New calendars are now created as "Closed " by default.
      • New periods are now created "Open " by default.
      • Clicking on "Create Period" will now show the "All Day" toggle inactive by default .        
        (lightbulb)This is now similar to the experience of double-clicking into the calendar area to define a new calendar period.
    • Fixed a lot of general visual and behavioral bugs in the calendar UI which relate to displaying, moving and editing existing events.
    • Improved display of recurring events and made visual adjustments to the different types of calendar events to increase readability.
    • Streamlined typography and font sizes.
  • Call Handling and performance improvements
    • Call Handling improvements (for Invite User and Cancel Invitation)
    • Fixed "Input customer" not being recognized (Microsoft issue) after transfer to a service via AC. → The known limitation note has been removed from the Workflow Activities page.
    • Tenant location service optimizations which should improve login routing behavior and speed for all users.
    • Increased performance for polling "members" and "groups" information from Azure.
    • Fixed a rare issue of incorrect Playlists playing in comparison to what is shown in the configured workflow.
  • Power BI changes
    • New Power BI Template version. Updated the Power BI page slightly to explain the new " MonthLimit " filter parameter introduced with this template update.
    • Related: OData Interface supports filtering for ServiceSessions and UserSessions by "StartedAt" date. (Previous undocumented change).
  • Knowledge Base 

31 Mar 2022 - Backend Improvements, Powershell update

  • Improved backend operations to avoid calls getting stuck and having DTMF issues in an internal service transfer scenario.
  • Fixed calls were shown under multiple services (e.g. with in the My Services task list).
  • Update for our Provisioning PowerShell Script - Updates Teams Module 4.0.0 which resolves issues where PSTN numbers could not be assigned. 

16 Jun 2022 - Hotflix Update

This is a Hotfix release to address some issues with the recent feature deployment:

  • Fixed UI freeze issue when moving one element of recurrent event in Opening Hours.
  • Fixed issue in "User State Tabular" Personal Dashboards Widget showing incorrect 'Time in state'
  • Fixed issue where no Service was initially shown in Reporting (in the Teams Tab) when new users are only added to one Contact Center service.
  • Fixed issue in Playlists Overview table, where "Used in" column did not display the related labels to indicate in which workflows the playlist is used in.

21 Apr 2022 - Attendant Console transfer to Voicemail Feature

  • Transfer to Voicemail feature for Attendant Console
  • Agent Skills configurable for Service Owners

20 Mar 2022 - Service Agent Permissions, Transfer WF, UI Consistency

Added a new Section: Service Agents to the Service "Permissions" tab in the Administration. Applies only for Contact Center enabled services.

  • New "Copy Workflow" feature in the list of workflows.
  • "Transfer" Workflow activity updates:
    • Option to "Leave Nimbus"
    • Option to "Direct transfer to Voicemail"
  • Attendant search for middle names support
  • UI consistency pass (second-pass consistency review, required fields shown, tooltip colors, font sizes adjustment)

12 Feb 2022 - New Bot Structure, UI Consistency Improvements

  • Infrastructure Update (Updated provisioning script, new bot structure)
  • Attendant Console (Report problem feature)
  • UI Improvements (First-pass consistency review, Chart improvements)

23 Jan 2022 - Global AD Search Filter

  • Improved timeout behavior so users with a previous erroneous invitation are not kicked out of a following session.
  • Improved redistribution behavior to prevent calls from getting stuck when a user sets themselves "unavailable" right as a call was already distributed to them.
  • Global Azure Directory Contact Search filter option:

20 Jan 2022 - Outbound Service Impersonation Launch

  • Outbound Service Call. With the Outbound Service Call / Call On Behalf we introduce outbound service impersonation to the list of Nimbus Features .
  • Hola Nimbus - Support for Spanish is here! Nimbus has been translated into Spanish. You can go to your User Preferences (Portal) and switch your UI languages at any time.
  • Codes revisited - Task Completion Codes and Cross Selling Codes have been renamed into "Primary and Secondary" codes respectively .
    • Naming changed in the Configuration > Codes section to "Primary / Secondary" .
    • All naming changed for TCC/SCC into "Primary / Secondary Codes" in the Nimbus UI accordingly .
    • Updates to the Power BI Template (added new "Tags / Codes" Tab).
  • Tags and Tag Cloud. Already being a part of Call Session reporting , tags are now also visible in the Power BI Template and the Power BI OData interface.
  • Other changes and improvements:
    • Further improvements to queue distribution type "Broadcast". Users should see significant improvements in invitation speed and session handling. 
    • Removed Runbook downloads from Admin and Portal for the time being, as we investigate a MSFT change with resulting limitations to existing functionality.
    • Added OData URL for the UK Data Cluster to the Power BI first-time connection manual.


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